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The Business Investors Group was formed in September 1997 by a small group of successful entrepreneurs some of whom, having sold their businesses, had made capital gains, but still felt a desire for some hands-on involvement. They were not yet ready for full retirement but did not wish to be immersed in running businesses on a day-to-day basis. By banding together to seek potential investment opportunities in the ‘North East of England’, they have been successful in building a network that provides a steady stream of interesting investment opportunities.

Through BiG, they are able to participate in a variety of investments, pool their knowledge, spread the risk, make money and have some fun in the process. Since 1997, the members have invested in excess of £28 million, attracting EIS and Rollover relief in the process. 51% of Investments made have delivered returns and 24% are still progressing and developing.

Current Members

John T Garrod – President
Colin Coates – Chairman
Gavin R Form – Treasurer/Secretaryturnaround_bubble
David Beeby
Peter Birkett
Dean Dickinson
Charles May
Phil Moorhouse
Ian Roper
Neil Salvesen
Ian Stark
Keverne Watt